Larsoft is a BNI Member

What is BNI?

Brief explanation about what BNI is and how it works:

We agree that all business begins with relationships between people, and in order to get new relationships it's necessary that we are always meeting new people. This process is called Networking.

When you go to a church and over there you meet new people you are doing networking, when you go to a club you are doing networking, when you attend a congress you are doing networking, there are even institutions called Networking Clubs that have the only purpose to create an environment to people do networking.

BNI is a more than 30 years-old company focused in create techniques to optmize and encourage the networking process. The format of the meetings, the courses, procedures and internal rules works to enrich the relationships that brings new businesses.

BNI is the World's greatest and wealthier professional networking organization.

One of the rules to a company keeps in BNI is that the members must keep excelence and ethics in it's services. A non-compliant company is banned. Because of this the BNI Member seal is also a quality seal. In order to stay a BNI member the company must keep commited with it's customers always acting inside the principles of the ethics.

BNI is a closed institution, to join us the interested one must apply to be a candidate or be invited by a member, and then pass in a interview process, after passed in all steps the interested one finally can be a member of one the BNI teams. Even a member can be banned by the team if this team notice this member do not follow the BNI principles.

BNI goal is to generate professional relationships in order to get new businesses. The processes are well formed and the rules assures the growing of all the team. Some examples of BNI rules:

- It's not allowed competition inside a BNI team. There is only one company of each industry.

- It's not allowed payment of benefits for referrals. The Givers Gain philosophy is the baseline of BNI.

BNI Meetings in Rio de Janeiro
Preparation for Launch Event

BNI's essence is a qualified exchange of referrals by sharing knowledge and expertise between partners and investors. For more than 30 years in the market, the techniques, processes and rules are well grown, deeply tested and have real results. Everything is measured and calculated. All over the World where BNI acts, affiliated companies shows a real growing in their businesses.

Some BNI numbers: More than 200K members in more than 7.5K groups in more than 72 countries. In Brazil the organization have more than 74 active groups and almost 3K members. The vision of BNI to Rio de Janeiro is to achieve more than 100 groups, 4K entrepreneurs generating more than 600 million Reais per year in local economy.

As already said this is a very brief explanation. Eventually there are open meetings where everything is explained to candidates. In case of interest contact us. We are early members afilliated since the begining of BNI in Rio de Janeiro.

BNI Rio de Janeiro Launch Event

Next friday, 14th, will be a historic date for business in Rio de Janeiro. The launch event of BNI in this city. It's will be the greatest BNI launch event ever made. The tickets are running out fast but we have some available yet. In order to ensure your presence follow the steps below:

If you don't know what BNI is, go to the top of this page or click here, cause I give you a brief explanation.

- Go to the oficial website of the event.

- Go to the bottom of the page of click on "Quero garantir meu lugar".

- In the field "Como soube do evento", click on "Fui convidado(a) por um membro".

- In the field "Qual membro o(a) convidou", find my name "Luciano de Almeida Reis (Alpha). Tip: if you press the key "L" the list jumps to the "L" letter.

- Fill in your personal data.

- Check "Aceito os termos da política de compra".

- Click on "Enviar" and you will be leaded to the payment page.

We are glad to participate in this event as a member and look forward to your presence to honor our presentation. Come to know this excelent tool to boost you businesses.

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